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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sympathy Side Effects

Last night as I was telling my husband I felt weird -- like off-kilter weird and slightly nauseous -- my daughter came out of her bedroom reporting the same symptoms and others. She felt dizzy and had pain in her arm where the contrast was injected from yesterday's MRI. The nurses had assured us there would be no side effects but feeling the way we did, I doubted that, so headed to Google.

Sure enough, I found a site where many, many others were citing the same side effects and others after they underwent an MRI. My daughter's side effects were pretty intense so I suggested she drink a lot of water to flush her system out and try to go to sleep.

I wondered why I would have any of the same feelings since I wasn't in the machine and thought perhaps I was having sympathy side effects. But the odd thing is that I mentioned how I felt before she did. In order to sit in the room right next to her I was asked all the same questions she was and had to empty my pockets and remove any metal. There is a sign on the door that says the Magnet is on constantly. I wonder if I received residual magnetic waves just sitting in such close proximity to the machine?

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My husband didn't want me to go in there with her, but I had to. One little peep from her and I would have jumped to hit the panic button! I could never get an MRI because I know I would have hit the panic button as soon as I entered the canister. Sheesh, I can't even sleep with less than three pillows so could not imagine lying flat on a board for thirty minutes...that alone would set me into a dizzy spin.

The girl said she felt better this morning, but I still feel off-kilter. Go figure...


  1. Sympathy side effects - I believe it.

    Sorry she had MRI symptoms. Glad she's better. Hope you're better soon too!

  2. Thanks Theresa...feel much better and hopefully will feel even better after having some sangria tonight!

  3. I think your adrenalin shot up because you were nervous and then it dropped down today when it was all over..just my analysis. I agree about the MRI..I could never get in one of those.

  4. Elena,
    While my mother was undergoing treatment for her cancer I had sympathy side effects. We live a little over a mile away from each other. Yet I had them.
    I would call her and happen to mention how I was feeling and she would say she had been having the exact same thing. It would even start at the same time of day (like, 1am!).
    After a while it became a joke of sorts. I would call her and ask her to please try to feel better because I couldn't handle too many more "down days." At least it made her laugh.
    So please don't discount the possibility of sympathy side effects, they're very real.
    I'm hoping you both feel better soon.