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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wrapping Questions

After spending the last couple of days engulfed in gift wrapping I have a couple of questions...

Why do they put so little tape in a tape dispenser?

When did tissue paper become half the size it used to be?

Why do I have to go to the end of the store, on another floor, to get a freaking box?

Why am I handed a shirt box to fit a pocket book in?

Why am I handed a shirt box to fit a pair of earrings in?

Why did most stores stop carrying boxes?

Why is my ribbon not curling?

Why are my labels not sticking?

Why is the wrapping paper wripping jaggardly when it should slice smoothly?

Why is the price tag inside the hard-plastic covering?

Why is the cellophane ripping when I try to remove a price tag?

Is it considered tacky to put an oversized present in a black garbage bag tied with a red ribbon?

Why aren't Santa's elves here to help me wrap???

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  1. I can answer most of those questions with one word: money.

    Stores don't carry boxes or offer free wrapping anymore because it is an expense. Corporations don't care if the ribbon doesn't curl or the tape doesn't stick. You've already bought the product and given up the money for it, so they have what they want.

    It's basic capitalism. You get a little less than you pay for.