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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Light Fire Hazard

When I saw this Christmas bubbling night light at Tuesday Morning it reminded me of the old bubble lights my grandfather's girlfriend used to trim her tree with four decades ago. Naturally, I immediately bought it.

You can't see it too clearly but there is a little scene inside the Christmas ball which includes a teddy bear and wooden soldier. As the bulb heats up it causes the liquid inside the tube to bubble and the sparkles inside the glass twinkle. I just loved it and was disappointed when I returned to Tuesday Morning to find they didn't have any more left.

Last night the girl smelled something strange coming from the light. She noticed the plastic teddy bear had begun melting and the soldier's head had melded onto the light. You can see this shot better...

Made in China, clearly this light is a fire hazard, so I wanted to warn anyone who had purchased it to not use it. I'm thankful the girl had discovered it while we were awake and that it didn't catch on fire while we were sleeping. Unfortunately the girl did not discover she had left her straightening iron on this morning so luckily I was the one to smell something burning and found it, almost three hours after she had already left! So fire safety tip number two -- always pull the plug from the straightener when you're finished.


  1. We used to have bubble lights too, and I always loved them. Ours didn't have the scene in them though. I'm sorry to hear yours melted, but glad it didn't light up the tree like it could've. Same for the straightener (though I doubt it would've lit up the tree...).
    I saw bubble lights at Lowe's in Salem last night. You might want to check there if you're still feeling nostalgic.
    And, wherever you got those from, I would take them back and ask for a refund!

  2. Wow, good eye and I am glad you caught this.