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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Walking Is My Therapy

There is nothing as refreshing as a crisp apple freshly picked so close to home. I'm fortunate that I live in a beautiful part of Roanoke County very close to Jamisons' Orchards. The mile walk to the farm is always pleasant even if I sometimes have to dodge vehicles.

At the end of my trek I treat myself to freshly picked apples, home-made cashew butter, sugar-free strawberry preserves, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and dried apricots, most locally grown.

Walking back home with the heavy bag on my shoulder I hug the babbling creek and I lose myself in the serenity.

I find the best solutions to problems come when I'm strolling in peace, my mind as clear as the sky. Even though I'm not sitting at the keyboard suddenly a word or phrase comes into my mind that would fit better than a word or phrase I had used in my book. Even when I'm not writing my subconscious mind is. Walking is my therapy.


  1. You are really lucky to live close enough to Jamison's Orchard to walk! I love that place. I feel like I stepped back in time when I'm there.

  2. Thanks for allowing us to share in the beauty of your view there.

    I miss my regular walks, but no someday they'll be a part of my life again.

  3. In my forties I walked every day, at least a mile or more. I felt great all the time from the fresh air and it also kept my weight down and gave me leg muscles a workout.

    THEN, my feet and knees went bad on my and now I try to walk.. it's a challenge but indeed makes me feel good.


  4. Jamison's is an interesting spot; my husband likes their apple butter.