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Friday, October 1, 2010

Platform Rise, Talent Dies

I started off this week with a bang then quickly ran into responsibility roadblocks. My rewrite had to take a back seat to doctors, drugs -- their compatibility, reactions, side effects -- insurance companies, insurance agents, state laws, federal laws, Google Google Google, window manufacturing companies, window salesmen, window project managers, banks, diet books, diet shopping, diet menus, diet cooking, kids, kids, kids. Draining.

About the only "me" time was spent at the salon, which as you know is really not the way I prefer to spend my time, so really my roots should fall under the responsibility roadblock too. By the way I went darker again, more of a dark chocolate. It's only a matter of time before I wind up at black and then go back to platinum again.

The other "me" time was spent while researching any of the above on-line. By now you know the big buzz in the book and blog biz is Snooki snagged a book deal. No it's not going to be a pop-up -- it will be a novel about love. "Move over Nicole Richie...My book is gonna fistpump yours. I'm dancing all the way to the bank, bitch!"

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With my pathetic schedule while living in one city, I could barely fit in time for 5,000 words this week. With her frantic schedule, appearances, partying and cityhopping, how in the world will poor Snooki ever find the time to write? Of course, we all know she most likely/definitely will have the help/entire book written by a ghostwriter. I seriously doubt Snooki will be revising, editing, looking for that perfect word in a tiny lonely home office. I could just see her, pickle in hand saying, "I already know what's in it. I wrote the freaking thing, why would I need to read it?"

The reason Snooki got a book contract is based solely on platform. It has nothing to do with literature talent. Her talent lies in attracting an audience, and a huge one at that. It's the money, not the message. And it's frustrating. Authors spend months and years trying to perfect their books, and then many more trying to get it even looked at. I doubt Snooki knew how to create the elusive perfect query letter that unpublished writers have read so much about. Unless there happened to be an agent sitting next to her at the salon, club or hot tub, I doubt she researched who would be the "best fit" for her, and who would request a partial. All Snooki, or whoever came up with the "Let's write a book!" idea, had to do to get book industry interest was present her platform. That was enough.

With this new breed of celebreality "authors" snagging contracts so quickly before their fame wanes, I fear the publishing industry's preference is heading into a dark scenario for "nobody" writers -- platform rise, talent dies.

Snooki Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. Actually, by publishing the celebrities, the publishing companies hope to make loads of money, which allows them to take a risk on lesser known, but much better, writers whose books might not even earn out their advances.

    Publishers who don't make money soon go out of business. I'm sure the ghostwriter made a bundle on the deal.

  2. Unfortunately, from all the comments I've been reading on agents' blogs that's not the scenario some published authors have painted.