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Monday, October 4, 2010

Stick Bug

I found this fellow hanging out on the side of my house...

It took me a moment to realize it was an insect. I called my husband and said, "Look at this's like a stick bug!" We couldn't tell which way was up so I Googled him. Apparently it is called a Carausius morosus, or a stick bug.

According to National Geographic - "Many stick insects feign death to thwart predators, and some will shed the occasional limb to escape an enemy’s grasp. Others swipe at predators with their spine-covered legs, while one North American species, Anisomorpha buprestoides, emits a putrid-smelling fluid."

Like we don't have enough problems with stink bugs already. I didn't smell anything so he must not have been afraid of me. He also didn't move for at least six hours. I guess he was feigning death.

"Little is known about stick insects, making it difficult to declare the vulnerability of their status in the wild. The pet trade presents a potential threat, along with the popular practice of framing their carcasses, like butterflies."

"Many stick insects are easy to care for, and make good pets. Almost 300 species have been reared in captivity."

Quite an interesting creature...but keeping one as a pet? Pass.


  1. You don't see those often but they are always interesting when found. Thanks for taking pictures and sharing them.

  2. Ha, a pet stick does not seem fun. I have found them hanging on my car driving down the road--so surfing is also a skill they have.