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Friday, October 15, 2010

Fu to You

Thanks to a Facebook friend, the mystery of this symbol has been solved...

"This Character is pronounced "fu" in Chinese.

The character "fu" is posted by virtually all Chinese people on the doors of their homes during the Spring Festival (closely associated with the Chinese New Years).

One tradition from the Zhou Dynasty (beginning in 256 B.C.) holds that putting a fu symbol on your front door will keep the goddess of poverty away.

This character literally means good fortune, prosperity, blessed, happiness, and fulfillment."

What's really interesting is the person who deciphered the symbol happens to be named Fu too. Thanks to Pearl and Chris for their help.

Fu to you all! Readers, feel free to print up the picture and hang it in in your home. Now let the good fortune begin...


  1. Fu to you to Elena~ I printed the Fu symbol and put it at my door. I had just a drop of color ink left in my printer so I thought this would be a good way to use it. I'll let you know when the money comes pouring in.

    Thanks for the lesson. I figure it can't hurt.

  2. Great looking piece! Probably something that would have peaked my curiosity in a shop too. Glad you found it!


  3. Glad you solved your mystery. Enjoy your pendant and your good fortune!

  4. I'll let you all know if I hit MegaMillions tonight ;)