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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sandusky House EVPs

After the presentation by L.B. Taylor, my friend and I decided to check out Sandusky House and walk around the grounds a bit. I took a lot of pictures. I didn't get anything paranormal but did fall in love with the look of this tree. I felt like it had a face and was watching me.

I had taken my digital recorder with me hoping we'd get an opportunity to slip away and check things out a bit. It wasn't an "official" investigation or anything like that, but I had a feeling since I was a Yankee, I might attract some Confederate spirits or even some Yankees. I've been pretty lucky with capturing EVPs anywhere I go. Sometimes I'm referred to as spirit bait and Saturday was no different.

It's been my experience that spirits want to be heard, or join in the conversation when they think someone can feel or see them. That's why some of the best EVPs I've ever gotten have been with them just talking in the background while I'm or a partner are talking. Some are intelligent spirits, not meaning they're "smart" but that they're interacting in real time with me. Others are residual, meaning they're replaying their lives over and over again and what comes through sometimes has nothing to do with any questions I ask. I think I had both kinds on Saturday.

After you watch the video you'll see what I'm talking about. I believe an instance of intelligent spirits occurs during Clip 9. I'm drawn to an area of the yard near the yucca plants when I discover I'm about to traipse through poison ivy. I felt something calling me there but I say aloud I'm not going there. Mandy thinks I'm talking to her, but I'm not, I'm talking to the voice in my head. On playback there is a voice telling me to "come" and when I say I'm not going, there's a "you got to." I believe an instance of residual haunting occurs during Clip 4 when a voice declares, "My dare you."

It took me a while to create the video because I have no clue what I'm doing using Windows Movie Maker, clearly an inferior editing program. I'm used to editing from two decades ago, on real video equipment, where I was able to trim and dissolve and extend and slow-mo, etc. without pulling my hair out. My daughter helped me a great deal until she began to pull hers and then my hair out. I guess I'm not only a slow learner but can also be exasperating, especially when I snap my fingers telling her there's where I want a cut to go. Hey, when I was a producer that's what I used to do and none of my editors ever found it offensive.

Anyway, I finally put together something and figured out how to upload it to Youtube. It's 6:35 minutes long and contains 15 clips of multiple EVP's. I put some pics on it and titles of what I think I hear, or ? marks when I hear whispering but can't make out what they're saying. My daughter helped a lot because her hearing hasn't been damaged yet from standing next to speakers at rock concerts, or singing in a band, or getting old. I'm sure others will hear something different than what I hear and if you do let me know. The video is best listened to with ear or headphones. None of the audio has been enhanced or altered and I apologize for my big mouth talking loudly during certain parts. I can assure you if this had been an actual investigation this would not have happened.


  1. Putting this video together must have really been hard. No wonder you wanted to pull your hair out. You did a great job with it.

    I heard very loud and clear "Bye, it's OK" and "Make it go" I heard the sigh. In clip 6 I also heard something that you did not mention. I heard a loud whisper of "Time" It was either "No time" or "in time." As for the rest, I was influenced by your printed words and not sure I really heard what you had said. Still, a very good experiment.

    I am very psychic, as I have said but can't hone in on anything when I try. I must wait for it (the clairvoiant experience) to find me.

    I'm so glad you posted this. I also love the tree and must say, she really looks like a woman. I have a theory about that too, for another time.

  2. Thanks Cheryl. Deciphering EVPs are very subjective. I had heard something else on clip 6 but couldn't make it out. Thanks for pointing it out! BTW, I'm the same way...I have to wait to be found too.

  3. On Clip 5 I heard "buried nearby" very distinctly, though you don't have it noted. I heard some of the others but not all of them. Very intriguing.

  4. Thanks Anita...I bet if I had uploaded the entire 20:00 there would be plenty I missed!

  5. On Clip 2, immediately following the "Vultures" comment, I thought I heard something else but couldn't determine what. I did clearly hear "Bye, it's okay" even without your script. An interesting walk around Sandusky!

  6. Thanks Anon - yes, it was quite interesting and definitely worthy of a trip back!

  7. Oooh, I was most creeped out by the voice (that seemed to be following you around?) saying "I'll kill you." Very creepy stuff. Some of those were so darned clear, too. What great catches!