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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Hardest Part of College

So here's my son's observations regarding college thus far...

"It's high school without the rules and way easier."

"All I have to do is show up to class and that's 30% of my grade."

"They grade on a 10-point scale and it's a sliding scale to boot!"

"Linear algebra is soooo hard. I finished the homework before the teacher finished taking attendance."

"For my Honors English class I have to write a half-page on what I know about the American Revolution period. A half-page! I could do that in the ten minute period between classes."

"College & Career Success class sounds like it's going to be on the same level as the useless Finance class I had in high school. Balancing a check book is sooooo hard."

"The one class I think may be a problem is the Philosophy one. It's the most crowded one and they had to find extra chairs for students to sit on. I felt like I was at the Valley View movie theatre. As the professor spoke, one girl kept calling out as if she was talking to the movie screen, "Uh-huh, you right...I gotchas...Amen." The only thing missing was "Watch out! Don't open that door!" As if that wasn't bad enough, when she finally stopped talking, her cell phone rang."

"You know what the hardest part of college is? Finding a parking spot!"

So you know what I said, dontcha? If it's so freaking easy I don't expect anything less than a 4.0 GPA. We'll see if he feels the same way in a couple of weeks especially after working until closing time. At least I don't have to worry about him joining a fraternity...

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  1. He is at college and doing something productive. Good for him!

  2. Ha, sounds like he was well prepared. I am guessing it will get more challenging as he progresses--at least it better for as much as anyone pays for college these days.