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Monday, August 23, 2010

Let's Roll...

Welcome and salutations end of the summer.

In this house the new year is always marked by the return to school -- not Labor Day, or New Year's Day -- just an inauspicious August day that changes every year that becomes my target date for fresh starts, or pumping energy into the old ones. I love me some autumn. Spring has never been my rejuvenation/resurrection season. It's always been the beginning of the slacker season -- the season I become easily distracted and sidetracked. Throw in some lazy and hot, and other than the mandatory obligations, nothing much gets done. I'm glad summer's over. It's now time to speed up my lackadaisical stroll. It's now time to focus, focus, focus.

I've cut away the dead hair, vibrated the color, stopped smoking, cut down on wine & popcorn consumption, am back to working out and walking, dug through the clutter of my office -- cleaned, organized and spruced it up. Once I catch up with the shop shit I'm parking myself in it. I'm setting a schedule. I am setting a deadline.

I recently read a blog by someone who wrote and edited a 76,000 word or thereabout, book in 26 days. 26 days. 26 days. Good grief! I've been working on mine 26 months. 26 months. 26 months! I'm still revising. I'll keep revising until I'm content. I may never be content. I'm a tough audience. I think of this as my one time shot. I want my first published book to leave an impression, a lasting one. If I can't, then I don't want to waste any more time writing books. It's a lonely and difficult road to take and not for the soft, or easily bruised. Nope, it's not an easy journey, but I've never been one to pick the easy way out, and I ain't giving up. As my husband asks, "You never do anything halfway, do you?" No, I guess I don't.

To get Monday morning moving..."Born to Be Wild." Let's roll...


  1. School started today for us and I can relate to the start of big changes.

    76,000? Now that is accomplishing something.

  2. What kind of a book are you writing. Hope it's a comedy since you do that so well! A novel? They are difficult. My 4 books have done very well. I am going to start trying to turn one into a screenplay soon. I think the real money is in the movie. Good luck with your schedule and

  3. Happy New Year everyone!

    It was a 80,000+ word memoir but I've decided to adapt it into a novel instead so I could avoid any "legal" problems ;) There's some dark humor in it Cheryl.

    I'm definitely thinking screenplay too!

  4. Good luck and remember fast writing does not always equal good writing.

  5. Just because the author finished it in 26 days doesn't mean it's any good. In fact, I'd say it's probably wretched, unless you're talking about a well-known author with a string of books who's gotten into a hot routine.

    Otherwise I bet yours is a lot better, and worth the extra time.