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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It was time to take the garden back from all the weeds so I spent a good portion of last weekend doing just that. I found this nifty little seat at Tuesday Morning which made my gardening chores much easier.

Once you get to be my age and weight it's hard on the knees to stay in one position for hours at a time. This little chair can be adjusted to different heights. It rocks so that you can bend from the waist and reach under all the brush to pull out whatever you need to without having to constantly move the chair into a different position. It was only $12.99 and definitely a worthwhile investment. It sorta reminds me of an upside down mushroom, which is funny because my yard is full of mushrooms.

I noticed that there is also an abundance of large acorns already, just like last year.

According to the locals and even what I've observed -- large early acorns means a long rough winter. Oh joy...maybe I should stop bitching about the heat.


  1. Can we take another rough winter like last year? I expected it where I grew up in the snow belt but not here. As much as I love it, snow is what I tried to escape from-at least months on end of it anyway. (we only had weeks on end of snow-but still) Also, have you seen any dark wooley catepillars? Those are another sign of a cold winter.

    Chair is cute~

  2. Yes, Cheryl I saw two of those catepillars last week. Meanwhile it's gonna be 95 today!

  3. That seat looks useful.

    I am not giving up on summer yet-long and hard winter is the thing that nightmares are made of for me. I sure hope the acorns are wrong.

  4. I like that seat. Need one of those seats! A nice investment indeed.

    I'm with you, it's going to be a tough winter, I fear. Lots of acorns. Lots of fogs in August. Dark woolies. Best buy boots!

  5. Lots of mushrooms in our backyard too out on the hill... and our trees are loaded with acorns!

    Great mushroom photos!