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Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Astrological Chart Compiled in 1988 - Part One


Last week I blogged about a psychic reading I had received in 1988. Today I'd like to share some of the information of the natal horoscope I had completed around the same time. Clearly I was in a state of confusion and turned to the "universe" looking for answers. As I had mentioned in the psychic reading post, I found this 38 page tome in a chest when I was looking for some letters. It was compiled by an organization called Para Research, Inc. This is not like looking in the newspaper for your horoscope on a particular day. I had to provide not only my birth date, but actual time as well as longitude and latitude of my birth. There is so much information in this chart that it could easily become a novella, so I won't be typing every detail; however I will gaze through it and share some of the findings, which may very well encompass a couple of blog posts, depending upon how I feel about sharing them...since I am a Gemini I have been known to change my mind...hee hee.

Anyway, I think it's important to remember that this chart was made in 1988, way before the advent of the internet, cellphones, or many things we now take for granted, but were not around then. 26 years after it was compiled, I am curious to see if this astrological chart is accurate, and how it compares to the psychic reading. If I am going to comment on something I will put it in parenthesis, so here goes...

Sun-Moon Polarity - You were born with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Leo. Deep within yourself you are an intellectual being. You are inclined to literature, educational, and clerical work, and to documentary writing tasks of all kinds. (Very true. Most of my early career was started in an office, performing clerical tasks which opened up the gateways to other career endeavors. To this day I perform clerical work at the shop where I am responsible for the office side of the business. Although I may not have formal education past high school, I have taken many educational classes to further my knowledge and career. The documentary writing tasks of all kinds could be both the column I had in a local newspaper, and all the blogs I have written. Blogs were unheard of in 1988.)

Your mind is very changeable, adaptable, alert and aspiring. It is positive and strong. The degree to which you will be able to translate this intellectual potential into positive action depends upon the harmony of your individuality and personality. (Agree, I am my own worst enemy regarding positivity and harmony within myself.)

Internally you come under the influence of the sun in Gemini. This makes you a volatile individual. You need constant motion, whether walking, traveling, or just shifting positions. (Agree, even my leg constantly moves up and down when I'm "still.") You are troubled by the stagnation of all philosophical and religious concepts, because you view life as a dynamic and ever-changing process. Your friends are likely to share these ideas as well as your literary and intellectual interests. At a later stage in life you may join some society or association in order to further your intellectual knowledge. (Lately I have been taking MOOC on-line college classes to further my knowledge.)

The danger is that sometimes you may lose yourself in concepts and theories and become increasingly inactive. (I'm not sure about concepts or theories causing it, but can definitely become inactive if I allow myself to wallow in myself.) More determination could greatly improve your character. (I could be quite lazy sometimes, ie. spend hours watching bad reality tv, etc.) The fact is that your daily activities, which circumstances oblige you to perform, are not completely in agreement with your inner self. (Yes, yes, yes...owning an auto repair shop and having to perform all clerical duties, number crunching, advertising & marketing, dealing with the public I probably would never have anything in common with in a social environment, all in an environment I would never choose to be in, most definitely falls into this statement!) Others see you as a strong, forceful personality. It projects as stronger than you really are, but you do not mind being thought of in this way. Fate always seems to place you in situations in which you must exert authority over others and act with full responsibility. (The preceding sentences are so true it's scary. There's a sign that hangs on my office door, "The Witch Is In" and I proudly display it.  If there's a troublesome customer, friend, or foe, I have no problem calling them out. I have to be/appear strong as all responsibility of family, work, etc. falls squarely on my shoulders. If I go down, we all go down.)

A person under the domination of the moon in Leo could be fortunate in money matters, perhaps in regard to inheritance. (When this was compiled, I laughed at that possibility. It turned out to be true. I may not be rich, but I did inherit some property, etc.) You also seem drawn to all sorts of pleasures and luxuries, even in the cosmetic sense. You appreciate good perfumes, expensive jewelry and fine clothing. (I may be drawn to pleasures and luxuries like my Samsara perfume, nice hotels, a little gambling here and there and fine foods, but I'm not one to want expensive jewelery or fine clothing. I'm more comfortable in a t-shirt with a band on it, yes, even at the age of 54, than some brand name designer clingy clothing. You are open to criticism (no, not really) and you may achieve recognition and fame in life. (Now that I wouldn't mind!)You can express yourself well and do not hesitate to take positions that expose you to the the public. (Agree...many times I have found myself speaking in public, or in large groups and after that initial nerve wracking moment, quickly settle down and usually command the stage.)

You are very susceptible in love and sexual affairs. You will be fortunate with the opposite sex and will prove to be a sincere lover, that is, you will have one affair at a time. (I am sincere, although I can't say the same for the opposite sex, especially when I was younger. I have never cheated on anyone.)

It is very probably that at some point in your life the Moon in Leo will put you in a situation in which art is an important factor. You should try not to be so sensitive to the compliments of criticisms of others. (Wow, that is quite a statement which I need to follow if I assume the art is my writing. I can jump with joy upon receiving an email from someone who compliments my books, or feel like I can jump off a building when I get a one-star review!)

The key to a better integration of your being is to harmonize your more real intellectual nature with your apparently passionate personality. (Excellent advice.)

Famous people born with the sun in Gemini: Queen Victoria, Walt Whitman, Frank Lloyd Wright, Cole Porter, Bob Hope, Jean Paul Sartre, Ian Fleming, John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Igor Stravinsky, Sir Laurene Olivier, Bob Dylan. (Good company, eh?)

So overall I have to say that the first two pages of the compilation of my astrological chart was quite accurate.


  1. Sounds like a Gemini reading to me. :-)

  2. And as a fellow Gemini, you would know :)

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