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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mabry Mill

Mabry Mill is only open until October 31 then closes for the winter. If you decide to visit, when you arrive immediately go to the restaurant, sign in, and take a pager. The dining area is quite small so the wait can be upwards of an hour. We happened to time it perfectly. We were able to check out the mill, surrounding areas,  gift shop, and as we began dodging beginning rain drops, our buzzer went off. I asked our server what she recommended and I went with her favorite -- the fried pork chop, spiced apples, and red-skinned mashed potatoes served with a homemade biscuit. My husband had the pot roast. Both dishes were delicious.

Following are photos taken with my camera or iPhone. Although it's a pain in the butt to get the photos from my iPhone onto my computer (I don't have a Mac so had to email all 100!) the different effect filters now available on the iPhone camera make for some interesting shots.

iPhone Noir

Samsung regular

iPhone Tonal

iPhone Fade

The view from inside the mill looking out


Taken with my iPhone

Taken with my of the great mystery of humans...throwing money into water

Probably should have taken a colored shot of this

At one time it was a working still...Tickle would be proud

I just want to end this pictorial with a little story. When we went inside the mill a woman with a walker told us to go around her and her husband. I told her it was fine, we would wait, but she said they wouldn't be able to go inside anyway as there were stairs. She then told me her husband was 99, so he moved a little slow. I couldn't believe he was that old. He looked damned good and was shuffling along just fine. She then told me she was 87, and the only reason she moved slow was because she had a broken vertebrae, and she pointed to her neck brace. I asked her if it was okay she was walking around with a broken vertebrae and she told me she's had it for two years. She said she was too old for surgery and it wouldn't heal on its own anymore so she just deals with it. "Can't make it stop me from doing things!" Wow...I wish I would have taken a picture of her and her husband. I would have printed it up and tacked it on my office wall and anytime I would complain about my aches and pains I would look at that photo and repeat what she said: "Can't make it stop me from doing things!"


  1. I absolutely love the story at the end. The photos are great, too!

  2. Thanks Anita...I imagine you too can relate :)