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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Floyd Photos

View from my dining room window

I was hoping it wasn't too late in the season to shoot some fall foliage, so I suggested to my husband we take a jaunt to Mabry Mill. We decided to drive up 221, through Back Creek, Bent Mountain, and Floyd. I thought the road would be less curvy than the Blue Ridge Parkway, but I was wrong. Ugh, I could never live on Bent Mountain! Very pretty, yes, but way too curvy, windy, and rural for me. Can you imagine me not having gas heat, city water, sewers, or cable television? Me neither. I wonder if folks have to bring their trash to a dump too? *Shudder* I would be stuck on that mountain for months at a time because there's no way I would want to drive it on rainy or icy roads. No wonder Roanoke County schools close down even if there's a threat of snow. I can't imagine students in a school bus sliding along them. As we were driving I noticed that many of the trees did not have the color I was hoping for, in fact, many of the trees had lost their leaves.

We have never been to Floyd, so when we hit the small town we decided to stop and see what all the hub-bub was. Although there were a couple of restaurants we would have liked to have eaten at, we really wanted to try Mabry Mill's so we just walked a couple of blocks and checked out the antique stores. There were some really nice wood furniture and artisans' wares in a couple of shops. A little expensive, but nicely done. The people were very friendly, as most hippies tend to be.

I took a photo of this peacock lamp I saw in an antique store and sent it to my daughter asking if she wanted it for her room. Her reply was, "Hell, no!" so I bought it. There is something about it that I like. Its tail is glass, not plastic, and the peacock feels like she's made of iron.

In the spirit of Halloween, I kept sending her different shots of things that I knew she would think were "creepy."

Unfortunately that was all the shots I took of Floyd, so if you read this post, although I got a "weird vibe" from the small town, these photos may not be an accurate reflection of the community. Next time we go it'll be when we have more time and I will take some "prettier" pics.

From there we headed to Mabry Mill, and I have tons of photos from there, so over the next couple of days, hopefully, I will post some of those.


  1. Ok, after some digging I have discovered the peacock lamp is not an was sold in Lowe's during 2007 & 2008.

  2. Elena, it is rather ironic that you were at Mabry Mill today, because I was there also! I find it rather funny that we are both taking the online historical fiction class and we just became Facebook friends last night and then wind up at the same place today. I grew up in Meadows of Dan.

  3. Hey Elena! I was at Mabry Mill today also! I grew up in Meadows of Dan.

  4. Cue the Twilight Zone music Kimberly, LOL! We must be on the same wavelength. It's a beautiful area...I have so many pics I have to go through. I sorta got carried away ;)