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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Views From the 69th Street Pier

On my quest to get a nice sunset shot -- Brooklyn has the best sunsets I've ever seen -- we chased the sun along the Belt Parkway and ended up in Bay Ridge near the 69th Street Pier. Of course, there was no parking to be found, so I had to jump out of my friend's SUV, run to the pier and start clicking away. Here are some shots I got from the pier...


I didn't want my friend to get a ticket, because that's all the NYPD seems capable of these days is giving tickets, so I rushed back to her SUV. I looked through the front windshield, saw she wasn't there, and wondered where she went. I opened the passenger door and panicked because I had left my pocketbook on the floor and it wasn't there either. I started fumbling around the floor looking for it. It wouldn't be like her to just leave with the doors open, so I got nervous that something had happened to her.

Suddenly I heard my name being called, "Elena! What the hell are you doing?!" I looked up from the inside of the SUV and saw my friend pulled up next to the SUV I was rummaging around in. Oh shit, this wasn't her SUV!!! I slammed the door, jumped into the right SUV and off we sped, laughing hysterically....

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