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Monday, June 24, 2013

Bella's Vet Visit

We just got back from Bella's well visit. Hard to believe she's over a year old already. The poor little baby was shaking from the moment I pulled out of the driveway until the end of her visit. She got the full treatment -- thorough exam, all her shots, heart worm test and a nail trim. She was a very good girl.

She now weighs 16.5 pounds which has exceeded the "oh, she won't get more than 10 pounds" we were told. The vet said we needed to cut back a bit on her food. She thought 1/3 cup of dry food twice a day was more than sufficient. I told the vet Bella will not eat dog food any longer and that I've been cooking her chicken and rice daily. She said that was not good for her as there wasn't enough minerals in that meal and that if I chose to cook people food for her I'd have to see a doggie nutritionist to make a well-balanced menu. Ok, let's not get crazy now. She feels that if I just left the food in her dish she will eventually eat it. I've tried that but after two days I panic. She said she could probably go even longer than two days. Yeah, but could I???? So it's back to the dog food aisle to try something else. Maybe the food that's in the fridge at Krogers will appeal to her fine palate.

I told her about the nightly dixie ice cream cups I've been giving her and she didn't think that was good either. She recommended some doggie ice cream cups which Kroger also carries. I'm sure they're nowhere as cheap at the $1.99 for twelve I've been paying. The vet said I shouldn't give them to her nightly either...maybe one or two per week.

As the little girl stood rock still on the cold metal no matter what they did to her, the vet understood what I meant when I said she becomes paralyzed with fear upon putting a collar on her. She said after I get her back on dog food I should use chicken pieces as a way to reward her for putting the collar on. Every day I should put it on and stand a couple of feet away from her with a piece of chicken in my hand. The hope is she will walk towards me with the collar on her neck. After she eats the chicken I should tell her what a good girl she is and then take the collar off. She feels if we keep this up she will eventually not be so traumatized. Then it's onto the dreaded leash!

Frankly, I wouldn't even walk her at the dog park or anything like that because I'm one of those mothers who is afraid of her catching fleas from some mongrel or being swallowed in one gulp by a larger dog. But for those of you who do walk your dogs in the park you should be aware that the vet office had a notice up saying that there have been reports of dogs being poisoned at some parks and greenways! What the hell?! Who would do something like that? Please be extra aware of anything your dog ingests if you do bring them out for a stroll. You wouldn't let your child take candy from a stranger so don't let your dog eat anything in the grass either. They're our babies!


  1. How could someone be so cruel as to poison pets! That is outrageous.

  2. If any of the grass has been treated by a lawn care company, there could be a problem. Dogs walk in toxic-sprayed grass, lick themselves, ingest poison. Also some of the toxic stuff could be absorbed through the skin. Since AEP sprays under power lines and VDOT sometimes sprays along rights-of-way, there are plenty of places for pets—and kids—to encounter dangerous chemicals.