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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One Year Gone

It's a sad anniversary year since I lost my best friend, and cousin, John Paul. I blogged about him last year in this post entitled Rest In Peace John Paul. I've got nothing more to say except it hasn't gotten any easier. I still cry for the loss.

I picked up my cellphone three times on Thanksgiving to text him about "our movie" March of the Wooden Soldiers" and the only reason I was able to watch it was because he had bought it for me right before he died. I cried at the end.

Before I put my cellphone down I read the last message he had sent me, one from another of our favorite childhood movies..."Poppies will put them to sleep....yes poppies." As long as I keep that message I feel there is a part of him with me. My phone is five years old and I refuse to upgrade because of that one message. It's a poor substitute, but besides memories and photos, it's all I got left of him.

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