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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Heron on a Roof

As my daughter was blow-drying her hair she heard a loud fluttering sound and saw something huge fly past her window. She peeked through the blinds and was astonished to find a heron perched upon our neighbor's roof.

She called me to come quickly, "Your heron is here!" I didn't understand what she could be talking about. She pointed to the window and said, "Look out there." When I did and I saw what she was talking about I ran to get my camera. It's not every day you find a heron perched on a roof.

Unfortunately, when I began lifting the blinds so I could get a better shot he must have heard me, so he flew off. I haven't been to the Roanoke River in a couple of weeks. Maybe he's missed me, or maybe he found my pond and has been helping himself to some sushi. I'm well over a mile away from the river so I wonder if herons migrate further south and he saw the pond on his trek. Time to put the game camera back out.


  1. My granddaughter moved to the Riverhouse in Wasena and has a view of the river. There is a heron there almost daily...wonder if he is 'yours.'

  2. Cheryl, I always wondered if I was seeing the same heron. Then during a walk along the river two months ago I saw two, about a half-mile apart from each other. One of them was in a tree, so maybe that's this guy :)