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Friday, September 28, 2012

Belfast Harbor

Naturally, when one is in Maine, one must eat lobster. We'd watch the lobster men from our back deck as they retrieved their filled cages.

Everyone told us "the place" to go was Young's Lobster Pound.

You couldn't get anything fresher. As soon as the boats hit the dock, workers would empty the cages and put the lobsters into huge vats.

You go up to the counter and the staff shows you which lobster is yours.

 I think we paid $14.00 for two lobsters. Now, Young's is a no-frill place, popular with the locals who know to bring their own utensils, paper towels, sides, wine and beer. I brought my camera.

While we were waiting for our lobster, besides watching the view, we sampled the oysters. We were surprised they cost $2 each as we pay $10 for a dozen at Awful Arthur's in Salem. Other than them being shucked better in Maine, I think Virginia's oysters were tastier. When your lobster is finished steaming, your number gets called and you pick it up on a Styrofoam plate. Although they crack it for you, the plastic fork you're handed is not much help to break through the shell. Besides using my husband's mechanic's hands to break mine apart, luckily we carry a knife in the glove compartment, which was most welcome. I'm used to eating lobster tails, not the whole thing, so wasn't sure as to what parts were edible or not. Folks around us had their shells cleaned bare, but we skipped the innards that had green gook in it. We were told it was a delicacy. Pass. Frankly, I found eating the entire lobster too much work for too little reward, and looked forward to trying a lobster roll at some point during our travels.

The next day we would head to Acadia National Park, and that evening we just relaxed and enjoyed the views of Belfast Harbor...

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