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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Something Moved the Camera

Apparently our resident raccoon was waiting until the koi and goldfish grew to main entree sizes instead of mere appetizers. Our pond has been undisturbed for months until my husband opened his mouth and remarked that he thought "the old guy" must have bitten the dust. Well, apparently he hasn't for the night before last he pretty much emptied the pond of anything over an inch long. That included three nice-sized koi.

So, it was time to pull out the game camera again and see what we are dealing with. Below are two shots, neither of which shows any animal but does show the aftermath of something swimming in the pond as evidenced by the water all along the front of the stones. Now, here's the strange thing...notice both shots and where the camera is set up.

On this first shot you can see some sort of strange blue mists on top and an orange mist to the right. What is it? I have no idea.

Now, notice this picture which was taken a couple of hours later.

The camera is not in the same position as the first shot. You can see more foreground in the second one than the first one. Something moved the camera...weird.


  1. Oh yeah, the game camera is on! Interesting photos, thanks for sharing.


  2. That is weird. I hope you catch the culprit.