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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Comments on Freebies- Part 1

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"I keep dowloading free books, what a great idea. I wish you would have more free Historical European fiction"

"Thank you for so many good books! It feels strange to download stuff to my kindle that I know I won't be able to read for about a year because of all the other great stuff I previously downloaded!"

"I'm downloading fasterr than I'm reading ....giddyup! Thanks!"

"Can NEVER find anything I would like to read...."

"I was waiting for that to come back for free. It looked good and had a lot of great reviews. Picked it up today. Thanks!"

"I'll be dead before I have time to read all these great books!! Thank you!"

"What happened to mystery/thrillers?"

"thanks but want more romance"

"Its like getting a gift everyday!!! Love to read and the free boks are absolutely wonderful. Wish when I finished them I could pass them to someone else though. Thanks and keep them coming."

"Snagged 2 more.. I am sooo addicted to buying books.. I do not know if I will have time to read them all.. lol"

"Im always watching and waiting for the posts! thanks"

"I've gotten so many free books, I can't keep up! Amazon had to remind me that I already purchased 2 out of the 3 listed! Lol"

"I was waiting for Amazon to make this one free!"

The above statements are just a couple of comments left on two popular Free eBook Facebook notifications sites, ENT and POI. When an author gets either of these two sites to announce their book is free, downloads will be in the thousands. As an author, I thank them...actually I should just thank ENT because POI has never picked me up. But, I don't think most readers realize that these two sites are not the ones who are giving away free books, nor is Amazon. matter how many times someone will "request" a certain genre (ummm, you know you could always buy a book in that genre!) both of those sites are dependent upon the genres they are provided by the author of those fine freebies. I don't think I've ever read a comment from someone thanking the authors for making their work free. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, I just haven't read it.

To be continued...

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