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Monday, July 2, 2012

eBook Card Follow Up

The other day a guest post of mine entitled, "May I Have Your Card?" ran on Indies Unlimited. If you're a writer, and not familiar with Indies Unlimited, you need to be. It's a great site.

Anyway, the piece I wrote was about my use of an eBook business card for marketing and and effective, not me, the card. I'm not the first person to use these cards and after speaking with some other writers I wanted to follow up with some more good ideas.

For instance, say like most authors, you have more than one book you want to promote. Rather than making individual cards for each book, I suggested the front of the card have a "bookshelf" with the titles on it and on the inside a link to the author's webpage and/or Amazon page, etc. Easy peasy.

Another author had a great idea -- "I have a suggestion about those cards. I did this too, plus I added a QR code on it. I put it on brochures/flyers too. People love the idea of putting their smart phones to work. That way a person is directed exactly where you want them and it's less you have to put on the card." I really need to upgrade from a flip-phone!

Someone else commented how he was on the check-out line and the cashier remarked how she couldn't wait to get home and just read a book. He wished he had brought cards with him as that was the perfect opportunity to suggest she check out his.

The other day as I was waiting to testify for someone, I was stuck in a conference room for two hours with a woman who was going to testify for the opposing side. We struck up a conversation and hit it off. By the end of the two hours she had my card in her hand and that evening I do believe she was the person who downloaded a copy of Fractured Facade. Thank you!

No matter how you design and use the cards the most important lesson is to always have one with you...hey, you never know where that sale will come from.


  1. Good advice Elena The card is one of those things that a person wishes he/she has--then it is too late.

  2. Welcome back Slam...hope you enjoyed your blogcation!

  3. I use cards too, mostly at blog conventions. But yeah, keep a few handy. Fling 'em at people you don't like.