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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Slurping the Slop

Michael Daly from the NY Daily News nails it in this column entitled,
"President Obama and the U.S. focus on triviality, not real issues like the Afghanistan war"...

"The death of the two Marines received little public notice, which is not surprising, for most of us walk around as if there were no war.

The leaking of 91,000 secret documents about the conflict in Afghanistan was met with yawns by people who did not even bother to ascertain whether there was anything really new...

For myself, I found it a touch surreal that at a time when other Marine pilots are dying, four Marine helicopters and a small army of cops and secret service agents were being mobilized so Obama could dish with Barbara Wawa and then hit some fat cats up for more than $30,000 a plate.

Even so, we ultimately have only ourselves to blame."

He's right. We do have only ourselves to blame. As long as we keep slurping the slop the media and government slings at us, we're doomed.

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