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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Doggy Flu Shot

Every time I bring my corgi to the vet for his well visit the cost seems to rise. On average it costs a little over $200 for him to get tortured. As each year passes I get the lecture on how he's way overweight. Yeah, that's what happens when a dog gets fixed. They try and push their diet food and diet pills, yes, diet pills. I always promise the kids will take him out for a walk more often instead of allowing him to wallow in his filth in his yard. After the last visit they wanted me to bring him by once a month to have him weighed. Haven't done that. Won't do that. What next, doggy fat camp?

For years the vet has been trying to convince me I need to spend a couple of hundred dollars more, I think the quote was like $600, on having dental work done, for the dog, not me. One of his back teeth has a chip in it, which he probably got from chewing sticks. Hey at least he has back teeth! At the very least I'm supposed to get him tartar treatments and brush his teeth daily. Haha, I have a hard enough time getting my son to brush. Forget the dog.

It always pisses me off that they insist he gets the heartworm blood test at $30 a pop even though he's on the heartworm pills all year round costing $120 because he's overweight. They won't prescribe me the pills without the test and I never fail to complain about that. I think it's a scam to drive up the bill.

Now they found another way to get more bucks out of me...the new doggy flu vaccine! Huh? Actually my vet didn't even mention this, the place where I get the boy groomed did. They informed my husband last month that they will be requiring all dogs get the vaccine along with all the other shots he needs. I don't know if they meant for when he's boarded or if he's to be groomed there as well.

Now I didn't get the H1N1 flu shot...thought is was totally overhyped and they were pushing it because they had too many vaccines, which proved to be true. So now I'm wondering about this doggy flu one. It's brand new and the dog needs to get a couple of doses before it becomes effective. My corgi is nine years old. He's never had sniffles or a flu. He's not around other dogs at all, unless he's getting groomed or for the "emergency board" situation. I am not comfortable putting him in a trial situation. I don't want to have him be a guinea pig for some drug that he doesn't really need, so no I am not having him get the doggy flu vaccine. He gets enough shots yearly and I'm not going to put him in danger by introducing something into his system that may be worse than any sniffles. So, bye bye longtime groomer. I guess I'll be giving Petco a try since they're half the price I've been paying anyway. It's not like he's a "show dog" either. I just want him clean and shaved for the summer. He's my baby and just like I wouldn't let my other babies get the chicken pox vaccines, the cervical cancer vaccine or any flu shot, neither will he.

What about you dog owners. Has your vet been pushing this and what will you do?


  1. Not yet, but I am sure they will. With our previous dog, several vets were always pushing for the allergy testing because of our dog's symptoms. They concluded she had a seasonal grass allergy--yeah, thanks I'll let her potty in the rug during the spring.

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot about the allergy testing...I got that too. I actually did buy some liquid children's Benadryl and gave it to him a couple of times when he had a wheezing spell. Funny thing when my husband's allergies were in full bloom the dog's seemed to be too. My husband did the allergy shot routine for years and it really didn't work great so I doubt we'd get better results for the pooch.

  3. Our vet bills are sky high too. No talk yet of a flu vaccine though and I would think that as long as we don't board our dogs that we should not be required to have it.

    Both of our dogs, being rescued dogs, have had their teeth cleaned once. Not doing it again... it just kills the wallet.

    (Our daughter and son-in-law in Phoenix have used Petco for years for their vet needs and pay MUCH less than we do)

  4. Don't know where you go to the vet, but we like ours a lot, and they've never been too pushy.
    Also, I know a good groomer who I can't imagine would ever demand a flu shot for dogs.
    If you want any of that info, drop me a line on Facebook.
    I think those things are absolutely absurd!! It's a money making business, just like the human doctors are! UGH!!

    By the way - I also know of a good, local, family-run place to get GOOD dog food for like 1/2 the price of the expensive stuff. I bought 100 pounds today and only spent $38.38 --WITH TAX!! I've had a couple of vets ok the food as good too! :)