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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Troll Fed Me...A Sequel?

Wow, it's been over a month since I last blogged. Don't know when I went from daily posts to sporadic ones. Life is funny that way. So it's a shame that this post is the one I break the dry writing spell with.

In a soaked Virginia, I awakened to Facebook notifications of comments from an ex-husband I am not "friends" with, the same one I divorced 28 years ago. The couple of picture "likes" from him seemed innocuous. It wasn't until I opened the "read more..." of a comment left on a picture of the cover of my short story, The Valentine's Day Curse (FREE!) that I realized I was being attacked by him.

I know, know, know I shouldn't respond. Don't feed the troll. Everyone knows that. But I had already tried that a couple of days ago when the first comments were left on posts open to everyone. I didn't respond. Didn't even give a thumbs up. Didn't remove them either. I know from the past, I can't give an inch. And I don't. But then, this morning's rant just riled me the wrong way. Maybe it's because I've been under the rain for what feels like weeks lately, sprinkled with reports of impending doom of flood waters, that I'm testy, perhaps short tempered. Or maybe he just pushed my buttons a little too far that I was compelled to respond.

I know it was a mistake, but if you come at me out of left field I'm gonna swing my bat. I'm tempted to post the exchange here for those who aren't my Facebook friends, but if I did, I would be validating his narcissistic behavior. Who contacts an ex after almost three decades, not with a reaching hand, but with a balled fist? Ok, you twisted my's a snippet from the beginning after he sees the cover of my short story, The Valentine's Day Curse (FREE!):

"...i couldnt read it in its entirety because the devil invaded my moble device when i downloaded it to read , actually costing me work and money from the fact thatbit corrupted somthing in my phone andvscrewed up all my data i was forced to exercise my phone by deleting your story... "

After his mention of the devil, I do believe he meant "exorcising" his phone. But, imagine me being blamed for him losing work and money, me, from 475 miles away, me, from decades away. It's my fault, again, as it always was. It's clear we will never agree to each other's scenario as they are as opposite as can be. So let it go. Heal thyself already. But hey, one more thing, thanks for providing material for a possible sequel to The Valentine's Day Curse (FREE!).

In case anyone wants to read the short story that created such an uproar it's free everywhere, and here's a link to Amazon (FREE!). Other links are above. Let me know what you think...a sequel?

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