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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall Foliage in Botetourt

We drove through Botetourt County yesterday on our way to Fincastle to see if anything was going on in that town. We vaguely remembered going to a restaurant there many years ago which I felt was haunted. I couldn't tell you anything about the food, but remember it was a pretty "classy" joint with white tablecloths that had a crystal chandelier above our table. What was strange about our experience there was that if you looked at that chandelier in the mirror at the end of the restaurant you could see it swaying every so slightly, back and forth, back and forth. Not so underneath it.

We tried to find Main Street where we assumed it would be but didn't see anything like it. We parked the car and went into the Botetourt Museum where the saddest mannequin in the world resides...

She's sitting in a jury duty box, but she looks so freaking miserable. I think it's because her breasts are sagging.

I asked about lunch options, specifically about that restaurant, but the lady in the museum said if it was the place she was thinking about that closed a couple of years ago. She said there was another one too, but that also closed a couple of years ago. The only place she knew of was of a pizzeria down the block from the museum. Since we weren't in the mood for what I'm sure would have been sub-par Italian food, I pressed her for any other recommendation. Sadly, she said that was the only place in town. Wow, that's one reason I could never live in a town like that. Even with all the crappy Roanoke restaurants at our fingertips, good or bad, there's at least options. Disappointed, I suggested we head back towards the interstate and hit the Cracker Barrel.

On our way there we stopped along the sides of the road to take some pictures. The fall foliage was absolutely beautiful! Here are a couple of shots...


I don't know how the idea of visiting Carvin's Cove popped up, but it did, and after Googling it we decided to check it out on our way home. Pictures to come in another post...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Connie! Still going through the Carvin's Cove ones :)

  2. You arrived just as the leaves changed. They've been pretty sad here until Friday, when suddenly the colors unveiled themselves. Wish I'd know you were down here. I thought that mannequin looked familiar when I saw it on Facebook.

    1. I was surprised how colorful everything was...there were so many shots I wanted to take but nowhere to pull into off the road. I was especially taken by the many old, abandoned properties I would have loved to shoot!