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Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Brooklyn Christmas Re-Post

Dyker Heights in Brooklyn has been getting a lot of airtime lately, so I thought I would share this post from 2010...Merry Christmas!

Meanwhile back in Brooklyn, all over the radio and internet people were buzzing about the live nativity being held at an old church built in 1828.

Living now in Roanoke, we're no strangers to live nativities but apparently it's a big deal to a lot of Brooklynites. After we saw what was being heralded as a "must see" we laughed. It was pretty pathetic. The wise Mexicans were about ten years old and freezing their butts off. The poor baby Jesus looked like he was bought at the 99cent store.

Later that evening we witnessed a more spectacular nativity that wasn't "live" but on someone's lawn...

as we ventured into the Dyker Heights section of Brooklyn where the Christmas lights burst from the trees.

If you watch The Travel Channel you might recognize this house as the "Sausage Queen's."

Dyker Heights is about five avenues and might as well be a lifetime away from my modest Brooklyn home. Big money and a lot of Italians are up in those thar hills and they can afford to hire professional Christmas decorators.

I'm assuming this blow-up house didn't splurge on a decorator...

But this one definitely did...

I'd hate to live on one of these blocks during Christmas because the cars come from all over to view these homes and traffic is at a standstill. Being a "native" I knew to go early before the crowds came so we missed Santa giving out candy canes and Frosty shaking the kiddies hands and the Christmas carols blaring through the speakers on some homes. Some people think the whole thing is tacky, but I don't. This is what I grew up with and why we decorate our house like The Griswolds, although we pale next to these lights. At least the folks in Roanoke aren't as jaded as we are and they appreciate all our efforts as many people pull into out driveway, stop us by the mailbox or at the store and thank us.

My daughter, the photographer, loved Dyker Heights as well..."If I can't afford a place in Manhattan, I'm going to live here." Yeah, good luck with both of those choices!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everything just looks more beautiful this time of the year...

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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