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Monday, August 13, 2012

Where's That Flash Drive?

Just stopping by to say Hi! Been busy formatting a paperback version of Fractured Facade. I know, I know, I said I wouldn't bother, but once again I've learned to never say never.

Since I'm doing everything in-house, it shouldn't cost me what it could have cost had I let Createspace, or a freelancer take over. It is taking more time than it probably should since I have to keep GTSing...Google That find out how to complete "simple" tasks in Word so that the book looks professional.

I could kick myself in the butt, or really kick my cover designer in the butt...she never saved the original artwork and typeface she created. Well, she did, but it was on the Mac that she borrowed from school which she no longer attends. Bye bye easy way out! When I asked her why she didn't save a copy, she said, "You said you were never going to make a paperback. Besides, we didn't have a Mac. Anyway, you should have asked me to! Wait, I think I did put it on my flash drive. Where's that flash drive?" Damn, trying to find a flash drive in her room is going to be harder than redesigning the cover.

But really, she's right on all counts. I need to keep better records, notes, and copies, copies, copies. It's my problem, but since she now does have a Mac laptop, that I bought for her earlier this year, as well as Photoshop, etc. it's about to become her problem as well. I've asked her to re-design the cover as close to the original as possible. She said she will when she gets "some time." She's been working double shifts and school starts in less than two weeks, so her time is at a premium. Oh well, I waited this long...what's a little longer?
Quality, not quantity...


  1. Maybe you should give your cover designer a raise?

  2. Mandy, my cover designer does quite well under my employment ;)

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