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Monday, August 20, 2012

She's a Rogue

When we began looking for houses in Roanoke 15 years ago, I really liked one near Garst Mill. It was a ranch with a beautiful walk-out basement that I thought would be perfect for my parents to live in, or for my kids once they got older. The only problem with the house is that it had white rugs throughout, everywhere, even in the kitchen.

The woman who was selling the house lived there alone, and you could see she kept it spic and span clean. I actually considered buying it for about five seconds until my husband set me straight. "Do you really think an all white house is a good idea? We have kids, a dog, and ummmm, I'm a mechanic." My mother was more direct, "Are you nuts?! You're not exactly Suzie Homemaker. Those rugs will be ruined in a day!" We passed.

Of course they were both right, so my question of the day is...what were we thinking in buying a white dog with long hair? When we first brought her home she was so clean, smelt like a precious puppy and even her breath was like daisies blooming. Now, she's a rogue. That's what happens living in this house, however, she is the only one of us who has a penchant for eating poo.

See that purple/grayish spot on the back of her? That's black hair dye. She has streaks on her front left leg and underneath as well. No, it was not done on purpose. Last week she followed me into the bathroom when I dyed my hair. I am a sloppy hair dyer. I usually dye it downstairs in my husband's mechanic bathroom where anything goes, but when I flipped the lights on they all blew out and I had no choice but to go upstairs.

Apparently I splattered some in my haste and when I saw a blob on Bella, I panicked. I tried to "wash it out." She wouldn't stand still so I couldn't catch her, and when I did all that happened was I smeared it worse throughout her hair. Had I just left it alone, I could have easily cut out the nickle-sized black blob once it dried. Now the stain has turned purple and is about the size on a large hand. I wondered if my family would notice. They did. And after I attempted to groom her by cutting her bangs, I've been advised to "put the scissors down" and stay away from her. My daughter: "You made my dog into a punk rock dog!"

Besides the horrible hair cut and purple stains, her hair has become a matted mess on her haunches. She hates the hairbrush, rips it out of my hand, and hides it. I went to PetSmart and bought some detangler and an additive for her drinking water to help with her breath. So far the breath freshener is not working. Tonight she'll get her bath so let's hope the detangling does.


  1. What a good furry friend, but sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Our yellow buffalo hates getting brushed as well, but tangling is not the issue--he just hates it. He gets us back with the constant shedding though.

  2. Bella doesn't shed at all, but she's a master shredder...everything and anything that's on the floor, or, what she pulls out of the trash gets shredded! The broom is always handy, and she hates that too :)

  3. She looks so little in the sink! You are a good mamma to her, stuff happens. Mandy

  4. Yikes! Sounds like fodder for a book. Life n Times of Pooch. :-)

  5. Anita, if I make her a zombie or vampire pup, it'll really sell ;)