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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Two Hep Cats

Two hep cats -- my Godfather and Dad. Neither are with us this Father's Day. This is how I like to remember them...young, vibrant, cool, and ready to take on the world. The promise of the fifties memoralized.

Both of them had a hard time with women when they found themselves alone. My Godfather's loss occurred after a divorce. Cancer killed Dad's marriage. The last time they dated before getting married, was probably around the time this picture was taken. When they found themselves single decades later, they were unprepared. You could have all the book smarts in the world, but it's useless without street sense. One picked up a brown beer bottle, the other found comfort in bottle blondes.

It's hard to convince a parent they're wrong about something when they "know" they're always right. It's easier to believe someone who tells you things you want to hear, rather than the person who tells you things you need to hear. I wish my dad would have listened to me...He's missed so much. I've missed him so much.

Today's the last day I am giving away my novel, written as memoir, "Fractured Facade" for free. My hope is kids will pick it up for their parents, and parents will share the story with their kids. Learn from our mistakes.

Happy Father's Day...


  1. How sad. It is particular so when I remember my strong, gentle father. He really didn't know how to play with us except when we were old enough to do checkers, jigsaw puzzles, or pinochle. He showed no mercy in those games as he felt it helped our brains develop. He would tell us stories at night. Some Aesop fables, some he made up. More than that, he doted on us. Poor Mama had to be the disciplinarian.

  2. Your father was handsome as a young man and I'm sure equally charming to the 'blonde' he met later. Good looks like that can get you into trouble and especially or maybe exclusively if you are a man! I really enjoyed Fractured Facade and getting to know 'Maria's' family.