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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thank You "Agent X" for the Rejection

I'd like to take a moment to thank "Agent X" for rejecting Fractured Facade and "Agents Y & Z" for totally disregarding my query letter I sent to them last June. Had any of the three of them accepted my book I'd probably still be in revision hell. Even if I wasn't, I doubt it highly that I would have been accepted by one the Big 6 publishing houses as my tale is not "commercial" enough. I know I wouldn't be on any bookshelves anywhere by now.

Because of their decision, I made the decision not to bother wasting any more of my time tweaking my query letter and/or grovel at the feet of some unknown agent to even take a peek at my book. Instead, I chose to have complete control over my book -- the title, editing, cover design, promotion, and finally publishing.

After reviewing my stats, I took the chance in pulling my book from every outlet so I could enroll it exclusively in Amazon's KDP Select program. If I hadn't, 10,000 folks would not have Fractured Facade on their Kindles. Most of that 10,000 number were freebies, but the number of paid sales has been steadily increasing. When I awoke this morning I found Fractured Facade had arrived on Amazon's Best Selling Kindle Family Saga list at the #41 position, as well as Amazon's Best Selling Books Family Saga list at #53.

I just checked again before hitting the "post" button and found it had moved up to #40. If I can get to #39 that means I will be on the second page of Amazon's Best Selling list and that will give the book an even wider audience. From what I understand, most people look at the first two pages of best sellers, unless you're an author. We like to see who else is in our category. Some authors who are behind me include Danielle Steel, Anne Rice and V.C. Andrews -- not too shabby company!

If this keeps up maybe my local paper will change its mind and actually review Fractured Facade. Probably not, they wouldn't even post info on their Book Blog regarding the free promotion I had run. At least I know I do have supporters, and I thank each and every one of you. Without your recommendations, tweets, Facebook postings, reviews I would not have gotten this far.


  1. Congrats Elena. I am sure the process is a roller-coaster ride; and I am glad you are enjoying some of the reward now.

  2. Way to go girl, I'm so pleased for you.

    Carol x

  3. Congratulations. Way to go! Now I need to see what you mean about KDP Select. May it stay on the charts for years!

  4. Thanks guys...just made it to #37! Doing the happy dance :)

  5. Congrats! This gives me inspiration and a goal.