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Friday, March 30, 2012

Trains, Heron & Ducks

Thought I would share some photos from my maiden vintage bike voyage. This is the bridge I have to cross to get to the Greenway...

For those of you who don't know, Roanoke was built on rails. Yup, it's a real rail town, tracks and trains are everywhere. Having lived a good many years in the shadow of the elevated trains of Brooklyn rumbling, rumbling, rumbling 24/7, I find the sound of a lone whistle blowing far away in the distance somehow comforting to me. Notice I said far away! Strange enough, this rail town does not have any passenger rail service here. Go figure...

Rather than transverse the route I usually do when I walk, I opted to catch up with the Roanoke River across the road. I was thrilled to see an old friend, who I haven't seen in months, the blue heron, was hanging out there. Since the Roanoke River is more narrow here than across the road where I usually spy him, I was able to get even better shots of him.

I've seen many little ducks along my walks, but never these large ones before. They are ducks, right?

I'm assuming this was almost a duck too...


  1. Love to watch the Herons. Nice shots Elena

  2. I'm with you, Roanoke should have passenger rail service and I know if they did, I'd ride it every chance I could. There is passenger service in Lynchburg that takes customers to Greensboro and to other areas for the fall foliage.

    I remember riding trains all the time when I lived in the Cleveland area. I lived in a small town, Warren, Ohio, and a lot of us would get on the train early Sat. morning and ride to Cleveland for a day of shopping. I love hearing the whistles too Elena. They sort of rock me to sleep at night.

    Thanks for the nice post..yeah, that blue heron is wonderful.

  3. Thanks guys. I actually saw the heron swim too, never saw that before, and I also saw what I think might have been a beaver but he was too quick to get a shot.

    Cheryl I took the train from Lynchburg to NYC. It was a lot of fun. I may do it again this summer since I've been having a hard time talking my husband into driving to NY. Can't say I blame him!

  4. I love the heron pics, and I can't believe that a railroad town has no passenger rail service. The former passenger train depot is now the O. Winston Link Museum.

    I've taken the Lynchburg train to NYC and DC. I love riding the trains, just wish we didn't have to go to Lybchburg to do it.