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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Renovating the Renovations

The other day I heard this loud crashing sound, so loud it actually made me jump up from the kitchen table where I was snapping green beans. I couldn't decipher exactly where it emenated from, but it felt as if it was above me. I ran outside to see if a huge branch had just fallen on my new roof. Nope, nothing there.

I ran downstairs to see if maybe the water heater exploded. Nope, that looked good. I searched and searched and could not find the source. I thought maybe the spooks were acting up because of all the recent renovations, and had caused a disturbance in my attic. As soon as my husband came home, I asked him to please go check it out. He wasn't too happy, as it's not easy to get into the attic, and once you're in there, it's not easy to manuever through the fiberglass insulation in a space you cannot stand up in. He checked it all out and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

I insisted I heard something, but I had the feeling my husband didn't believe me. After dinner he went into his closet and found the source. The bottom shelf of the closet had fallen out of the wall, spilling his clothes to the ground. The super-contractor we had hired way back when to build the closet, had used plasterboard as the main support wall. As if that wasn't bad enough, he also had made the bottom shelf too low.

We had a "run-in" with him when he first built the monstronsity -- he had the audacity to talk down, while raising his voice to me, when I told him he had done a half-assed job -- so my husband had to set him straight, and we threw him the hell out of here. My husband had raised the shelf himself.

This time, my husband said he would reinforce the shelf until he actually replaced the back wall with plywood. Unfortunately, when he took the measurements to build the wood supports he used the handydope's original holes instead of the ones he made. So, this is what it looks like when we renovate someone else's renovations...

Guess what my husband will be doing tomorrow? On a positive note, I was able to fix my clothes dryer, which would not stop buzzing after it finished the cycle. I GTS it, and with a screwdriver and some black electrical tape, got it done!

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