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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chasing Wood Windmills

It's rare you'll encounter an "old" mechanic. Usually they'll "retire" way before they should because they have no choice. It's a hard field...hard on the bones...hard on the hands...hard to deal with so many morons, just kidding, no, I'm not.

As many of you know my husband is a mechanic, but he's always thinking about what he'll do next when he can't turn a wrench anymore. His preference would be to work with wood. He's very talented in that area, as he is in engine rebuilding, but woodworking is hard to "make a living" at.

But, he enjoys it so who am I to tell him he's chasing windmills? In this picture there are three things my husband has built from trunks of trees. The planter shelf is one...

The planter which is so heavy I cannot move it is another...

And the last is the birdhouse, which is really large enough to be a bird hotel.

He's pretty good at it. Too bad by the time he factors in his material costs and labor each project ends up costing him money.


  1. Your husband has talent. I should know since I have none and just look in amazement at what works folks can create.

  2. How beautiful! Would he be able to make a profit if he bought the material in bulk?

  3. Thanks Theresa. He doesn't even buy lumber from Lowe's or stores like that anymore since according to him the wood is not up to his standards. Now he goes to a mill and picks out tree trunks that have been cut, then he has them planed. And if you factored in the time it takes for him to make it and all the blades he breaks it probably amounts to a nickel an hour! I'm good at spending wisely but even I can't live on that...