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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Real Housewives of Boone County

I've always been a fan of John Waters. I know he doesn't appeal to everyone, but I find his off-kilter personality and his bizarre films fascinating. They are so over the top with caricatures of people who couldn't possibly exist, like Edith Massey's portrayal of the Egg Lady, that they crack me up.

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Recently I stumbled upon a documentary called "Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia."

Although it was produced by the same folks who brought us that classic "Jackass" it is truly a documentary worth watching. These West Virginians from Boone County are the real deal. They are proud to be "hillbillies" who live by the credo family first. Except of course for the one young un who went on a rampage and shot his uncle in the face a couple of times with a shotgun, or, the one cousin who slept with, and then moved in with, another cousin's husband while her cousin was in jail. But, they are a forgiving lot, and boy do they know how to let their hair, and pants, down.

Boone County is about 3 1/2 hours west of Roanoke, not far from Charleston. If you read the county's website listing "Quality of Life" facts it sounds like a wonderful place to raise your family, however, I noticed they neglected to list the White Family on that list. Watch this documentary and you'll see why.

I think Bravo really needs to get down there and start a Real Housewives of Boone County show. They would blow all the other housewives out of the water...literally.


  1. My wife loved this documentary. I caught portions of it, most of which made me despair for humanity. The documentary "Dancing Outlaw" profiles Jesco White, an uncle (?) in this documentary, when he was a much younger man.

  2. We may feel despair, but the Whites seem very happy with their "lot in life."

    Unfortunately our library doesn't have "Dancing Outlaw." I would love to see it. Love clogging (if that's what it's called.)

  3. One just doesn't find people at all like this in the English countryside.

  4. Nor on the streets of Brooklyn...

  5. I should have said, "they emigrate to Roanoke and strip naked in restaurants," to River's comment. Only kidding River, heehee.

  6. I watched this on TV last week.. What a bunch of whack jobs that entire family is.

  7. @ Elena ~ not cloggin' so much as flat-footin'. ;)

  8. Flat-footin' - that's it! Thanks Carrie.