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Monday, January 10, 2011

Top Of My Head

I'm still here, just haven't been--->here. My priorities have had to shift a wee bit...more on that another time. Tonight I am allowing myself five minutes just to type off the top of my head...

The two latest books I read were "The Birthday Party - a Memoir of Survival" by Stanley Alpert and "The Hiliker Curse - My Pursuit of Women" by James Ellroy. Both were, just eh.

I had to put "Antony and Cleopatra" down because "They Call Me Baba Booey" just came in. Howard Stern fans will know who I'm talking about. I've read the first two chapters and discovered Gary Dell'Abate aka Baba Booey was born in Bensonhurst, just like me.

I didn't know the library is now closed on Sundays, bah!

"The Black Swan" is the most overrated movie of the year.

I cannot stop listening to The National. Can't believe I just "discovered" them this year.

I figure as long as music still moves me I will forever remain "young" no matter what my stinking bones try to tell me.

This time of the year sucks if you're a small business owner...taxes, forms, accountant, numbers, numbers, numbers...did I mention numbers?

I always devote the beginning of January in getting rid of "junk" and "dead weight" in my life, and this sometimes includes people.

I feel like I'm starting from ground zero again in shedding some weight after my holiday binge, although after five days of no sugar I did lose three pounds.

"Walk with Joyce Vedral" has got to be the worst exercise DVD I ever bought. The woman is in worst shape than me. She has an annoying voice, wears a sweat-stained tight shirt that keeps rising up her belly and she continually counts to twelve throughout the entire low-impact, really no-impact, "workout." I endured fifteen minutes before tossing the DVD in disgust across the room.

My grandmother is turning 100 years this year. For Christmas I had a tree planted in her name and now am scurrying trying to complete a cross-stitch I hope she will like. My husband is making her a beautiful wooden church that plays "Ave Marie" when you open the door.

I love my new camera but hate that it didn't come with a hard copy manual. I may never figure out all its features.

My husband bought me a Food Dehydrator as one of my Christmas presents. It's still sitting in the box on a chair. I probably will never use it.

When I got my Chinese hair cut up in Brooklyn the stylist used a straightening and cutting comb on me. I finally found one and it's the best $6.98 I have spent on my hair.

One of our favorite restaurants raised all the prices and cut down on the portions. Another one closed down. Don't you hate that?

Another of our favorite restaurants has a carafe of sangria brought to the table as soon as we walk in without us having to ask for it. Don't you love that?

It saddens me that our president did not call a fallen soldier's parents to express his condolences yet found the time to call the Philadelphia Eagles to thank them for giving Michael Vick a "second chance."

My stepson has 51 more days in Afghanistan before he heads back to the states. He hates it there.

I know it really just began, but damn it, I am over winter!

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