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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fishing in the Roanoke River

A sign spring is on the way -- Fishing in the Roanoke River along the Salem Greenway...


  1. I love the pictures. But I do have to question spring being on the way. We've had three snow days in three weeks, and are about to have a storm dump more snow between Tuesday and Wednesday. With each snowfall, there are less parking spaces here!

  2. Theresa, it's wishful thinking on my part. But it has been in the 50's here and I even noticed the weeping willows have started to show a faint shade of green. I know you guys up in the Northeast are having a helluva winter. I was supposed to be in Brooklyn in a couple of days but have decided not to go because of the impending snowstorm & the already non-existent parking situation. There are still 5 foot piles in front of my house and no on-street parking to be found. Besides having to drive through snow and ice along the interstate, there's nothing worse than digging out your car and having someone take it as soon as you pull out and then spending hours looking for something when you get home. I don't miss that!