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Monday, February 9, 2015

Seagulls in the Roanoke River

70 degrees in February? Now that I can live with! It was so beautiful in Roanoke yesterday I dragged my husband for a walk along the Roanoke River greenway in Salem. On the first leg of the walk we saw quite a few fishermen. None of them had caught anything but all of them said they had gotten nibbles.

On the second leg of the walk, across Lee Highway, I heard strange sounds that reminded me of Coney Island. It was the call of seagulls. Yes, seagulls in the river!

The first time I saw seagulls down here was about five years ago. There were about a dozen or so in a large puddle of water in the Lowe's parking lot on Main Street in Salem. I was quite shocked as I only knew seagulls to be near the sea, not in a puddle in a parking lot.

Apparently, some of the gulls found Spring Lake in Salem which is right across from the Lowe's. I also thought that was odd, but knowing how Brooklyn seagulls are...lazy, conniving, would rather eat a French fry than dive for fish...I wasn't surprised they were making a home there as the lake is right across the street from a Burger King. Geese and ducks already knew that's where they got a free meal so they took over the park, and made a mess of it with their droppings.

Yesterday, I was astonished at the number of gulls in the Roanoke river until I saw what was going on.

There were some people with a loaf of bread feeding the seagulls. There were so many of them that they pretty much took over the river, and in fact, were threatening any ducks that would go near the free food. When the family ran out of bread, the little ones took to throwing rocks at the birds instead. That will not deter a seagull. Knowing how Brooklyn seagulls are, rats of the sea with wings, I wouldn't be surprised if they take this river over.

The photos above were taken with my iPhone. I plan to go back with my camera some time, and although my husband says no, I bet the seagulls will still be in the Roanoke River.


  1. Rats of the sea with wings. What a great description.

    I see them in the Walmart parking lots in Bonsack frequently. I find it odd. And last year we had pelicans on the farm pond, which surprised everyone. No one had ever seen pelicans here.

  2. I've never seen a pelican, that is odd. The seagulls will always go where the food is so if they know there's free bread they will stay which I fear might screw up the river's ecosystem. Anywhere you go there's always signs not to feed the seagulls, Salem is going to have to put some up. I would hate living in those houses right across the street. The amount of poo is gross...

  3. I am curious; are they still there?

  4. I haven't been to that section of the river this week...too cold, but I did see them in the parking lot of the Salem Valley 8. Maybe they want to see 50 Shades of Grey...