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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Harpers Ferry National Park

Recently we had to head up to Brooklyn to attend a birthday party and a funeral. On the way up we decided we would stop at Harpers Ferry National Park in West Virginia.

 I knew the story of Harpers Ferry and Jim Brown,

but didn't know much about the national park. I figured we could check it out as part of research for my book, and then spend the night in Charles Town, doo dah, doo dah, and check out the racing track and casino. I wish we had gotten to Harpers Ferry earlier because it blew me away.

What a gorgeous national park. It has a bit of's really a step into the past amongst a scenic natural setting. We had lunch as this quaint restaurant which was not part of the park, but it was in the park on High Street. I think it was the Coach House. Very pretty, and the food was excellent too.

Unfortunately the pictures I took inside the museums did not come out too well so the rest of these are just outdoor shots. If you look on the face of this cliff you will see a faded sign on the mountain.

This is the walking bridge underneath it.

I had seen a bird which I think is a heron in the river and wanted to get a closer shot. Once I looked down, I began to get a little dizzy and felt like I needed to get the heck off of it, but not before I got a pic....

When my husband told me not to look down, but up instead, I thought I saw something through the fence on the cliff...

When I zoomed in I saw two climbers...

And this guy is barefoot!

I climbed a bunch of stairs to the church and was disappointed to find out it was closed.

They were having a ghost tour later that evening and I wished we had gone to that instead of the lousy casino! I could have spent another day in Harpers Ferry, I would have liked to see the actual city,  but responsibilities prevented that. The park closes at 5:00pm so make sure to get there bright and early. Wear walking shoes, bring a camera, and take bottled water with you too. It's the best $10 you'll spend!


  1. Didn't even know it existed. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Anita, it's really one of the nicest national parks we've visited. It's like an Explore Park that had money and so much more. I think you would really like it too.