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Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Saturday in Downtown Roanoke

It was a beautiful day in downtown Roanoke today.

Lots of folks came out to attend the sidewalk art show. As usual, I walked away empty-handed. Nothing really jumped out at me. I wasn't allowed to take photos so I am unable to show you what I thought was interesting or tacky.

One artist on the market who was not part of the show, Cheryl Dolby, had no problem with having a photo taken. As you can see Cheryl has some really unique pieces and you don't have to wait once a year to see them. You can find Cheryl every Saturday downtown so do stop by and say hi!

This was the first time I have seen the new pedestrian market area crowded.

It was quite an improvement from the last couple of times I witnessed the sad sight of lonely tables, lots of empty space, and tumbleweeds blowing through.

There were quite a few vendors and most of the tables were filled as well. Of course, I'd say about half of them had Roanoke's finest homeless utilizing them. It was almost like an invisible dividing line broke up the have and the have nots. The "haves" is the side with all the umbrellas.

Frankly, I wouldn't sit at any of those tables unless I first wiped the seats down and sprayed them with Lysol. Yes, I do happen to carry a small canister of Lysol as well as wipies in my magic bag of germophobe tricks. I also visited my friend Mandy at the History Museum and then took the elevator to the top to get a couple of shots of the city.

One of the many things I do not understand about Roanokers is their need to take their huge dogs to every single festival. What's up with that? This fellow has the right idea...

"You go ahead mom, I'll just lay on my chaise in the window if it's all right with you..."

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