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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Elephants at the Salem Fair

When one goes to a county fair one would expect farm animals to be present, although I don't know if all fairs race pigs.

This one is eating an oreo, which is probably the only one at the fair which has not been deep-fried.

But seeing elephants there is a strange sight, and there were two at the Salem Fair -- one from India and another from Africa. Although the trainers say they are treated well, I swear I felt the sadness in their eyes. Here's the Indian princess...

"Don't let my smile fool ya..."
The lady is crossing her back leg
"If you don't give me a treat I'm gonna eat this little girl."
"Ya got nothing better than a whole loaf of bread?"

Here are some shots of the lady from Africa...

"Help me..."

"I'm just of ghost of my former self..."

After the show, a long line formed to ride the elephant for $7.00. Fairs are supposed to be a "happy" place, so why does the Salem Fair always make me sad?

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