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Monday, April 22, 2013

Crime Scene or Paint Scene?

Imagine you're a young lady on her dinner break in downtown Roanoke. You drive to meet your friend near Macado's and decide to park in the indoor lot right across the street. After you lock your car and walk to the elevator, you see a footprint and stains in front of the elevator.

At first you think someone spilled paint, but when the elevator doors open you're met with this:

What would you do?

It's my understanding that this did not reflect the entire elevator as the "splatter" went as far as the ceiling and all four walls. With a quick gasp, the girl does not step into the elevator, and flees down the flight of stairs instead. She heads quickly to the restaurant when a figure steps out of the shadows and tells her to "Slow down, what's your hurry?" He causes her to jump and run even faster. As soon as she feels she's in a "safer" situation with her friend at the restaurant, she calls the police.

It takes the police, whose station is two blocks away, 25 minutes to arrive. The two officers do not seem to be taking the girl, and now her friend, seriously, and the young ladies could hear them snickering behind them as they walked in front of them to the scene. "I felt like they were more concerned with checking out our asses than the potential crime scene."

When they arrive to the destination, the girl points to the footstep on the floor coming out of the elevator as well as all the splotches. One of the cops says, "It's probably paint. There's a lot of renovation going on around here." The girl says, "Look inside the elevator." One of them does and says, "Oh shit, someone got their shit fucked up. We better call this in."

They take all the girl's info and stop someone from trying to enter the elevator who says, "That looks like paint." The cops now think otherwise. The red stains are clearly dried which brings me to this question...How many other people used that elevator and never bothered to call the police? Maybe it is paint and not blood, but shouldn't it warrant a call to find out for sure?

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  1. Wow. Good for your daughter for doing the right thing.