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Friday, January 25, 2013

All's Well That Ends Well

I have to give the crew from Florida kudos as once they began working they didn't stop until everything was up and running, and that included me! Bella kept an eye on them the whole time.

I was relieved when I hit the master switch that everything seemed to be okay. They encountered a couple of problems like the guides they used to secure the new pole were too long for Virginia soil. They're used to pounding them in sand where they can go down eight feet deep. Here in Roanoke rocks stopped it at about three feet. When the rep from Appalachian Power came to my house to give me the bad news that I was responsible for replacing the mast, I showed it to him. He said once the earth warmed up they would "see what they could do."

By the time they were finished, the only things left were the downed tree, the cones & the mystery jug, which is still there.

It's become a game of chicken in this house...who's going to blink first and actually walk it to the trash can???

Meanwhile I am still waiting to get an estimate from the roofer and electrician. Maybe I need to hire workers from Florida to get things done. The neighbor called me to thank us for our hospitality and wanted to check on the name of the wine. She actually remembered it! When she said she wanted to buy a bottle for my husband, I told her it wasn't necessary. She called a couple of hours later and said she expected to get a bill from our shop for getting her car out. Again, I told her that wasn't going to happen. She's a very sweet lady, and I plan to invite her over for coffee, and make an effort to become a friend that she can call on.

It took Roanoke County six days to chip up the tree, and once they did I found out I now have a better view of the mountains from my front window.

Other than my roof and mast having to be repaired, I guess I could say all's well that ends well. Too bad another system is moving in today. College classes have been cancelled before the first snowflake has fallen. Makes no sense to me as their students do not arrive by school bus. One thing is certain...the supermarkets will be crowded, and there will be the usual shortage of eggs, bread and milk, because everyone knows hens stop laying eggs and cows stop producing milk when it snows!

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  1. Roanokers have long memories. A very long time ago the weather forecasters called for a "dusting" of snow - and we received 2 feet, power went out everywhere, and roads went unplowed for days. Most folks were stuck at home for a week. I have always thought that was why so many in the area head for the store. Just in case in happens again. I remember it well because it was a week before I could get out of my driveway to find a place with electricity where I could take a real shower. After a week of cold sponge baths it was a relief to feel hot water on my back.