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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Dog Toy Tree

Still can't believe the crock I was handed about how small Bella would stay. "Oh you'll be able to take her everywhere...She can fit in your purse!" Purse? Yeah, maybe if my purse is on wheels and I can roll it. Look at the size of her. She's bigger than that 15 pound turkey she's trying to steal...

She's longer than the 13-gallon garbage can she's trying to pick...

But the girl says she's still light enough for her to be able to hold, so it's all good. Well, not all good.

Look how tiny and innocent she looks here when she was first introduced to the Christmas tree.

Within hours she came to the conclusion that the Christmas Tree was clearly a gift to her...a personal Dog Toy Tree.

What? I'm not doing anything...

After either chasing the ball ornaments, or chewing the other ones, they usually wind up on her chaise.

I figured she needed some sort of a chewing substitute, so bought her a bag of some chicken rawhide things which she loves, and serves as a distraction.

The problem now is that when she tries to hide it, (she must think I steal them and eat them when she's not looking) she has deemed the Dog Toy Tree as the best place.

It isn't.

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