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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meet Bella

I had forgotten how much attention a new puppy demands. After three days I'm starting to think it would have been easier to have grandchildren, because frankly, grandchildren go home at the end of the day.

Meet Bella -- No, nothing to do with Twilight! Bella is beautiful in Italian and if I had another daughter her name would have been Isabella. She is a nine week old Malti-Tzu (we used to call them mutts back in the day) who has totally taken over my world.

She is a cute little thing, but like many women, craves constant attention. Apparently I am "the chosen one" so if I'm not in Bella's sight she panics. When I have to go to the bathroom she does not like having that door closed in her face. Her little cry will start as a whimper, proceed to a heavier bellow and end on a long howl, sounding much like a hound dog. Bella is only 4 pounds and all 4 of those pounds must be in her lungs.

I've had to change the way I walk because as soon as I lift my foot she is under it. She's very stealthy and has no nails clicking on the floor, so I don't even know she's under me until I accidentally kick her. I tried putting a collar on her, hoping her name tag would jingle and give me a clue she's there, but she would have no part of it. If I'm sitting at the table paying bills, working on a laptop, eating, whatever, her little head rests on my foot. Well, when her little teeth aren't trying to gnaw the computer plug, and every other wire and electrical cord in the house. All shoes have to be put where she cannot get them. I found one of my flip-flops in her bed.

Last night was the first night she slept straight through. I had taken the advice of some friends and put my shirt in her bed. She snuggled up against it and fell right asleep. At some point during the night she had gotten up because she almost got her business done on the newspaper, and then climbed back in her bed.

It's been hard to get her on an eating schedule because she picks one morsel of puppy chow out of her bowl, runs frantically around the house, then sits on her blankie to eat it. Rinse. Repeat. The vet said I should remove her bowl after ten minutes. She would be starving if I did that.

She loves snuggling next to me on the couch and I love feeling her fluffy fur and warm puppy breath. She comforts me as much as I comfort her. I'm way behind in so many things, but I don't care. Yeah, she's taken over my life, but there are definitely worse things that could take over my life. Lately I've been feeling depressed, and when I feel that tear coming on, Bella licks it away. A puppy's a lot of work, but better than any anti-depressant. I'm grateful she/we found us/her.


  1. How did she find you? If she has siplings can they find me too? I have grandsons that will love a pet.

  2. We had gone to a local flea market and heard puppies barking. Much to my surprise there was a "pet store" of sorts in there with quite a few pups. A woman and her husband were holding Bella and her brother. When I passed by, Bella practically leapt out of her arms towards me. My husband said we should take her home so when the woman chose the male Bella was ours! I would have taken both if she had put her brother down too!