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Friday, January 20, 2012

Setting the Mood

I discovered something rather quickly about writing to music I haven't heard in years...I can't. Rather than writing words, I found myself singing words. I couldn't concentrate. I was too wrapped up in the Swans and Leather Nun to complete a cohesive thought. So, I forced myself to shut off the music.

I tried again, and this time discovered those index cards that a lot of authors use to "plot" their story, did not work for me. In the trash.

Next up, writing in third person. Didn't feel it. For the subject matter it wasn't natural. It didn't flow. Delete everything.

I sat there knowing I had a story inside, but couldn't pull it out of me. The mood in my office was not right. I needed to change things. I got rid of the energy saving light bulb in my desk lamp and replaced it was a 40 watt soft one. I found a lilac candle and lit it. I needed music, but nothing that I would sing along to. I pulled out Liszt.

Franz Liszt Pictures, Images and Photos

I cleared my head, took a deep breath, let the music flow through me, and suddenly, it came. By the time the CD came to an end I was almost half-way through with my tale. Next up is Berlioz. I figure by the time Mozart joins me I will be finished with the first draft.

I wonder how other writers set their mood...

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