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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Tiniest Bunny

Is this bunny not adorable? Look how tiny he is. I've never seen a bunny so tiny. He could fit in my palm. And he's not afraid of me either. He's too young to fear anything. What a wonderful feeling that must be...


  1. Oh, he is sweet but when I see them in my garden I shudder. They eat all my flowers and veggies. Does he have a family somewhere?

  2. Last night I saw his momma and another sibling about the same size. We have tons of clover so they should be good, and I've about given up on planting veggies for the same reason. The chipmunks eat my tomatoes...the birds my blueberries...the deer my apples, fig tree, plums and peaches...and the bugs my basil!