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Thursday, April 21, 2011


My azaleas, are tough.

The front bushes stood in the way of window replacements. Willy nilly they were hacked away to make room for ladders and workers. I feared they wouldn't survive the stress and I had seen the last of the blooms.

I was wrong. Although they're not as full and well-shaped as they were last year, they soldiered on, adapted to the conditions and managed to bloom beautifully.

Even the most recent white azalea bush I planted in the back had been stomped upon during a winter snow. My husband said I killed it under my motorcycle boot sole. He was wrong.

The shrub adapted -- it's lower and wider than before -- but its blooms are more beautiful this year than last.

Then there's the yew -- notorious for being stubborn and tough -- it didn't fare as well as the dainty lady-like azaleas.

Yet, new growth springs forth...

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